Friday, February 25, 2011

The big clean up. didn't place photos in right order.
Trip to Launceston the girls on way home \, not sure what was wrong with them
I had no trouble driving home plenty of room.

Fabric in s all neat and tidy I can see all of the beautiful fabric's have.

Cd towers standing in a row holding fat quarters many I had forgotten I had

Last the mess I started with after 8 hours of sorting and putting away I still have not finished
oh well tomorrow another day.


  1. You will keep till tomorrow my girl say sorry now or I'll post that pic from Office Works you know the one that shows ??????

  2. LOL... Post that pic Bell! We all want to see lol!
    Those CD racks, where did you get them? I seen some at Harvey Norman, was thinking of getting some........ Yours look great!
    x Sarah

  3. I am SO impressed - your fabric looks lovely, so organized and neat! Glad I didn't have to drive with you though, lol, that pic is a hoot!

  4. lol love the look on Bells wow wow your stash looks awesome,cheers Vickie

  5. You have done a great job of sorting your fabrics, they look great on those white shelves.

  6. Great job! You inspire me to get busy in my sewing room. Of course, my whole house needs a good sorting out too. LOL

  7. it looks good rose love the pic of bell
    next time we go shopping your in the back

  8. I love the CD racks your fabric are so nice and sorted. Pure bell had to look after then CD racks.