Sunday, February 27, 2011

at last

At last I have finished the main part just the cottons to tidy
so here is the room moved thins around as well hope
it will be more user friendly.
I have every thing in sewing room except the kitchen sink My sewing room is down stairs, you have to go
out side to get to it. I love it we had it built on I can just lock up and i don;t have to see when it is in a mess.


  1. beeeeeaauuutifulllll job great

  2. OK WHY DID YOU MOVE THE MICROWAVE AGAIN no wonder we cant find anything in there it changes from one day to the next I'm with Franky on this one just as well you cant move the bed LOL
    Where are the spoons they look like they have gone too can we sew tomorrow or has it to stay clean for a few days???

  3. Wow Rosie - I'd love to come sew with you, it looks fabulous!! I just re-arranged mine too, I seem to do it weekly, or whenever I finish a project, lol. Almost HAVE to to find things again. It looks lovely girl!

  4. I think I will have to get busy now, you have inspired me.

  5. Looks great Rosie! Looks like you could easily move in... Fridge, microwave and tv!