Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I think these cats are so cute the patteren a calico farm designs,
I obtained the patteren from the craft fair in Launceston.
I must amit I enlarged the cats. Going to make more just love em. The little wall hanger is cute as well I made them for
a friend in WA


  1. Can I have a cat they turned out really well I also like the wall hanging now the buttons are on it looks great

  2. Those cats ARE cute - very cute! Love the little wallhanging too!

  3. woohoo busy you have been and double woohoo that I found your blog again...love the wall hanging that cermaic button is super cute..And all cats are cute in my world...cheers Vickie

  4. I love those little cats! do they have to be weighted down or do they just sit upright like that?
    Your stitchery is so sweet too.
    PS After you've made a cat for Bell please put me on the list too!