Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We had a wonderful holiday on the gold coast 
Carol  my cousin  and my myself at sea world
it was the first time Coral had been there, she had so much fun it was great that I could take her.
If you ever want to hire a car be a ware they want
you to use a creid card, very hard when you dont have one what has happened to good old cash.
I was lucky I found one that took cash no easy
feast. but with someone in a wheel chair you need your own tranport. Carol can walk not very steady,
can not walk far.  I used my brain for a change
every time I needed to get chair out of car I would ask  a man who was near by at the time my back
said thank you.
On returning Carol back to her home I slept  14
hours. Tuff work pushing her around.


  1. ROSIE - is that you up in the air? How awesome! This sounds like a fun trip. I remember taking my grandma to a church on Christmas Eve, it was a very special church, and she was in a wheelchair [just had hip surgery]. The church had lots of steps and no ramp. I asked a couple of guys if they knew how I could get her in there, and lo and behold, they came to the car and CARRIED her in. At the end of service, they came back and carried her out! People are lovely. So glad you had a good time, now rest, you deserve it!

  2. Looks like you both had a fabulous time!
    P.S. Postie says your parcel should arrive in Burnie tomorrow!