Saturday, April 30, 2011

easter break

We went to Hobart for easter break had a great time' went to Burny Island
Debbie D first trip to the island  ; we seen this eating place 
big scones with jam and cream the girls  enjoyed eating while traveling 
back to catch the ferry.

Carol took us to the cascino for evening meal > Carol is such a lovely lady and beat her own record 
on how many sweets she can eat, five in all this time.

Carol is disabled and gave this man we didn;t know the thumbs up for the sweets while Debbie d 
was telling her husband Carols record . Talk about laugh. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

still have not got my note book

Do all you lovely girls remember I said I wanted ne of Rosies note books well I still dont have one yet :( she will kill me when she finds this post LOLOLOLOl  she should not get me to help her with her laptop LOLOLO

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 First photo of a trip back from Launceston  I as the driver had plenty of room. Just as well Bell and Debbie d are good friends.

The other photo are also around Launceston the terain is sooooooooooooo beautiful


Frank is home infection in the heart they said. It is good to have him home
He has to go get checked by heart doctor very soon waiting to here when.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home again

Hi home again went away looking after two beautiful children. Took them to the park, boat ride down the  Tamer river they thought that was cool, but what they really liked was going to hullabon in Launceston they had lots of fun with the balloons making them into dogs handbag and hats.
Back home one night had to take dear husband to hospital today, he is having trouble breathing they really gave him a good going over. He has a bad heart which is a big concern was born with it but is getting worst
 Yes i know everyone is born with a heart. He also is a diabetic and reading's are a bit high.  He is in the best place to get help but dons't stop you from worrying


Sunday, April 3, 2011

just saying hi

Hi I have a busy weekend My little god daughter stayed the night.
She is so used to sleeping in mum and dads bed.
The story goes like this we watched a dvd in hubby and my bed then when asleep i
carried her to the single bed,
 told her if she woke she could come back to our bed.
So one hour later in she comes, well me and my man are not small  so we decided my beautiful god daughter and me would  then go to sleep  in the lounge in a reclining chair. Well first i fell asleep only to be woken every hour, we have not one but three clocks that chime on the hour plus one dong half hour. Well today my back hurts and i am still tied. Mind you the little girl is 5 but I could not let her get upset because I know she sleeps with mum and dad.  Things we do to keep the little one's happy. So tonight I will really enjoy my bed. As tomorrow I will be in Launceston helping with the chrildren for a week while mum and dad work .Poor hubby will be on his own.

cheers and by the way I will be taking hand sewing with me.