Saturday, December 4, 2010

beautiful day

We had beautiful weather today.
We went to a wedding in Devonport it was such good
fun, after the church we all climb aboard a bus .
We went with the wedding party to have their
photos taken. After the photos taken went
for a joy ride around town  then off to
have lunch it was such a lovely day.
Thanks bell for your help.


  1. I'm going to kill you Rosie that is the worst pic you could have found, it was a great day though

  2. Hi Roseie welcome to blogger land i hope you meet a lot of other bloggers and have lot of fun.

  3. Sounds like a great day,plenty of laughs I bet!

  4. Hello Rosie, so thrilled to meet you, thanks for your sweet comment & apron offer, we actually wear offical school P&C aprons, but thanks anyway!! I absolutely love your town, my favourite place in Tasmania, the beach, the vibe, gorgeous Burnie, lucky you!! Have a gorgeous Christmas, love Posie